Rocky and Adrianna, Portland OR


There had always been some back and forth in the relationship of Adrian and Rocky – mostly because of his unstable character.

Elsa, Mühlberg, GER


When the police had asked Elsa if she was OK out there alone in a winter night, she had told them to let it go and that the cold never bothered her anyway. The did not get the "Frozen" reference.

Michelle, Washington DC


To pursue her dream of becoming a real bistro chair, Michelle knew she had to get from Washington to Paris somehow.

Derek, Elsie OR


After some time it dawned on Derek that he would not get far in the United States Of America if he solely relied on rail travel.

Joe, Portland OR


All this time plotting his escape, Joe had thought his troubles would be
over once he had cleared the fence. As it turned out, he was wrong.

Johann, Oberrad GER


Johann expected to see his whole life flash before him, but all he noticed before he passed out, was the fact that he had never seen his own front legs before.

Franzl, Halfing GER


The "Kid-E-Jector 2000" only got approved after the addition of a traffic light and a sturdy piece of fence – and after Franzl volunteered to provide seating for a stand-by medic.

Wilhelm, Mühlberg GER


Wilhelm has lost track of his own age, but he resents being called an “antique”.

Martin, Frankfurt GER


Watching his fellow furniture lose all cohesion after the eviction only strengthened Martin’s resolve to keep it together and move on.

Barbara, Sachsenhausen GER


Right from the start Barbara had had a bad feeling when the family discussed getting a Doberman.

Isabel, Lerchesberg GER


Isabel wasn’t going to let the fact that the contractor had taken off with the money after the earthwork keep her from calling the new place home.

Frank, Frankfurt


Of all the chairs in the spare stack, Frank was the only one to ever make it out.

Runaway Chairs

This is a photographic long-term study of the motivations, behaviors and fates of seating furniture trying to make it out in the world. All chairs participated voluntarily and were not coerced or moved into a certain position. The views expressed in the captions do not neccessarily reflect the views of Should this site generate any profits they will, of course, go to chairity.